"Speed course" med Thomas Lewandowski 22.september klokken 19:00

Hurtighet og fysiske ferdigheter er viktig, og blir stadig viktigere. Nå har du muligheten til å lære av en av de beste i Fet IL. Thomas Lewandowski har vært trener for landslag på øverste nivå i friidrett og internasjonale utøvere i flere andre idretter.

Trenerforum, kompetanseheving og personlig utvikling er viktig for oss i Fet IL, og en gulrot for våre trenere og medlemmer.

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Nowadays, sport has become a field of competition in many areas. Increasingly, the results are not determined by technical skills, but by technology, finance, and science. Of course, you need to know how to use it all for the purposes of sports competition.

The usefulness of motor preparation has been proven in most sports. Even chess players and archers train their endurance and efficiency. After all, the technique of performing activities and movements results directly from the fitness of the body, and this is the result of the work of the brain, which, by the way, can also be trained.

Science presented arguments, and coaching teams quickly chose what was useful in their sports. At the beginning of news in sports, experiments were considered a symptom of frustration, even stupidity, but time has shown how much, even determinative, influence on sports performance is physical preparation. It changed the face of sport. You can see it in team games. Let an example be beautiful, sophisticated Brazilian football, which did not win the World Cup, not even won a medal since almost 20 years (since 2002).

But a well-prepared German locomotive, strong and stable, wins the world championship, and got 3 other medals in last 20 years. At the same time, teams such as Switzerland, Costa Rica, Algeria, Nigeria, and Greece are reaching the 1/8 finals. Teams without great individualities or with low technical skills find their chances in physical preparation, which creates the collective, builds team structures and allows to consistently implement tactical strategies. In the following years, Denmark, Japan, Belgium, and Croatia attract attention. Iceland, which does not have a professional team and the list of players is very short, becomes a sensation.

The same is happening in handball, where Norway is a great example. The technical shortcomings are made up for by physical and tactical preparation. Some of the players are same fast as athletics sprinters at European level.  

No one is surprised anymore by the image of a high jumper throwing tons of scrap metal in the gym, or a 150 kg thrower jumping over hurdles several hundred times in a single training session. Currently, marathoners finish at sprinter speed, and tennis players cover as much on a very small pitch as long-distance runners on the track (5km).

All these movements are performed at high and very high speed. It can improve the game, create an advantage, lead to victory. But on the other hand, it can lead to injuries and weaken the player, the team, and thus a defeat.

So how to weave speed training into the preparation, how to develop speed to give you an advantage and not destroy your endurance, we will discuss this at the Coaching Forum, which will be held on 22 Sept in Clubhouse of FET IL at Fedrelandet.

We invite everyone to participate in the theoretical part, where the above issues will be discussed. Then a practical part dedicated to football will be carried out, but other sports are also invited, as it can also teach them.

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